Clinic Update 4.17

Clinic Update 4.17 -

We are open and we are continuing to take new patients as needed although hours at times may be different.  At Fremont Therapy & Wellness we have continued the past 2 week seeing only essential patients that are in need of PT services for post-op rehab, moderate/severe pain, and patients with a significant risk of severe decline in status.   We continue to maintaining spacing in the clinic, between appts, and also sanitization procedures.   We are also doing Medicare E-visits as well as regular Telehealth visits with some of our patients if we have any interested patients.   Some our our staff has been home this past 2 weeks and will partially be returning to patient care in the clinic over the next few weeks as we begin to look forward to some transitions with a "new normalcy" and monitoring cases on a weekly basis in our area.    We hope all of our patients and past patients are doing well and healthy and we look forward to seeing you back in the clinic again soon.   If you have question feel free to email us at:

Covid 19- April 2020