Clinic Update 4.26

Clinic update -

We are about 4 days away from the Governor's "21 days to stay healthy" campaign from April 10-April 30th.  Many of you know that physician's offices are open for well checks as well as sick, regular appointments and on May 4th will begin to allow elective surgeries.  We have always remained open but mainly seeing very essential patients.   We too will be resuming more of a "normal schedule" over the next few weeks and allowing some of our patients we had previously recommended not to come to therapy to return if they wish.  We are taking several measures for everyones safety and health.

  1. We are wearing masks... we are also recommending our patient's consider wearing masks.   If you have been out in the public much or are still working in more public areas... then YOU are the risk to us and our patients and you should highly consider wearing a mask and we will have some to provide but we recommend bringing your own.
  2. We are requiring therapists and patients immediately enter and use hand sanitizer
  3. We are not allowing extra family in to sit and wait for therapy sessions
  4. We would like patients to come into the clinic as close to their treatment time as possible and NOT arrive inside 15 min early, but sit and wait in their cars.
  5. We have moved therapist areas, equipment and also obtained some special equipment to keep our patients and staff safer
  6. We are seeing less patients during the day more spread out.
  7. We are recommending if you have your own theraband that you bring it to each appointment to use for yourself for exercises
  8. We of course are thoroughly cleaning all equipment used
  9. WE ARE DOING TELEHEALTH...  We can only do Telehealth for UHC, BCBS and Aetna patients currently...Medicare does not allow us to do Telehealth appointments.  We do have some lower rates for telehealth sessions if they are cash based.   We will have more information regarding that later this week or next or you can simply reach out to us via email at and ask about it.   There are some great things about it...
    1. Positive: Safety, no travel time to therapy, still private and 1:1, ideas on how to personally treat yourself
    2. Negatives:  Less 1:1 interaction and no hands on treatments, limited equipment, less able to adequately assess a patient

If you were a previous patient and would like to return to therapy OR if you have something you would like us to assess... even as a screening we would love to do that at this time as we are trying to get fully back on our feet and in the safest manner.  We are always willing to do free insurance checks to see what coverage you have and out of pocket costs for therapy.  We also offer cash based services which can be reimbursed through Health savings accounts as well.

We are glad to be able to begin safely treating more patients and excited many of you are eager to return to our clinic.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.

Jeree Menning P.T., OCS, CSCS

Fremont Therapy & Wellness