It's getting to the end of 2020 (FINALLY). Many individuals are beginning to realize that their overall health is very important and they have been less mobile and neglecting certain things or regular medical care this year for fear of going out in public and contracting the virus. Many individuals have Physical & Occupational Therapy benefits that they may still be able to use this year. Medicare patients have 20-30 visits per year many with no out of pocket costs due to secondary insurance. For private insurances we offer $65-75 cash based visits which can also be turned into Health Savings for reimbursement and can check your benefits to see what out of pocket costs are for therapy treatment. Whether it's a strained muscle, chronic low back pain, carpal tunnel, balance issues, general weakness and deconditioning, post-surgery or pelvic floor issues... we are here to help and offer Free consults to see if we can help you (or any of your friends). We have continued to bounce back after our initial COVID staffing changes. We are all back and here to help you with your therapy needs. We have made several safety precautions and adjustments for the safety of our patients including regular temp checks and extra sanitization procedures. Call us at 402-512-3893 for any of your therapy needs. Stay Safe!