Jackson 5K Run

April 2013 our family moved to Fremont, and 2 months later 3 special teens in Fremont died in a tragic motor vehicle accident.  As a new community member I remember the sadness and never-ending questions surrounding this event.  From afar I saw a community come together and support each other through grief and life changes.  One of the families – The Blick family –  have a son in our oldest son’s class and I see them regularly at school and sporting events and love how they embrace their family and faith through this grief.

Since that event,  there has been a yearly 5K run to help remember, heal and gather friends and community together to participate in an event that Jackson and his family love – Running.     Saturday- June 17th, I was invited to be a part of the annual Jackson 5K Run.   I couldn’t be happier to have this as my first event to get information out about our new clinic.

Our slogan is “Keep Moving Forward”.    We all face tragedy, hardships, injuries, in our lives that affect our physical and emotional health.  We understand… we’re there for you to help you on the path to healing and health.