Post-Baby Consults

New Moms are often overwhelmed by all of the things they need to to do take care of their new baby. They often neglect taking care of themselves in the early months post-baby as their body is beginning to heal after expanding for 9 months and then the trauma of childbirth (natural or C-section). Discussing pelvic floor issues is often a very private one and the 15 min with your OBGYN may not be able to answer all of the questions or give you the help you need to fully return to normal.

At Fremont Therapy & Wellness we understand these problems. Mothers often have questions about issues including: post-baby intercourse, incontinence and leakage with laughing and sneezing, abdominal separation (Diastasis-Recti), returning to exercise and lifting, care for episiotomy scars and returning to normal pelvic function. We offer various options for new Moms.... from Free 10-15 min phone conversation, Free 15-20 min Zoom/video calls, to full therapy consults.

Many times insurance will fully cover therapy visits after hospitalization and childbirth within a certain timeframe after birth. Our clinic is happy to check into coverage for therapy visits.

For more information on a Post-Baby Consult call us at 402-512-3893 or Click Here