Prehabililtation – Rehab BEFORE Total Joint Surgery

by Jeree Menning P.T., OCS, CSCS

You have a CHOICE….
We live in a world where we still like to “try before we buy”. Where we have the choice for the best fit and best care we can receive. If you, or someone you know, is about to undergo a total joint surgery such as a total shoulder, knee or hip we have a few questions for you.

Do you meet your surgeon BEFORE he/she operates on your knee or hip? Chances are 100% Yes. You have met your surgeon and they have thoroughly explained the procedure as well as your post-op plan of care. You will see them 1-4 times briefly after surgery to make sure you are successfully healing and returning to function.

Why not meet and choose your therapist and therapy clinic PRIOR to completing hours of physical therapy? Most total joint patients require anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months of physical therapy 2-3 times a week. The amount of time spent with your therapist in the therapy clinic far exceeds your face to face time with your physician. For the best outcomes individuals should feel comfortable in their choice of clinic and therapist. We encourage individuals to come and tour our clinic and meet our staff.

Should you complete Prehab (PT Prior to your joint replacement)? The stronger, fitter and more independent you are, the more likely you are to successfully and rapidly recover from surgery. Your physical function (the ability to do things for yourself) before surgery is an important predictor for function after surgery.

When should you start Prehab? Patients can benefit from an appointment even 1 week prior to surgery to educate them in the post-op exercise program and protocol. However, if improved strength gains and function are your goal we recommend seeing a PT 6-8 weeks prior to surgery to gain strength and function that will carry over to a faster recovery.

Prehab benefits include:
– Improved strength immediately prior to surgery
– Shorter rehab and less extensive rehab and care needs after surgery
– Improved physical ability immediately after surgery
– Decreased pain and anxiety
– Fewer complications from surgery
– Improved quality of life

Fremont Therapy & Wellness helps patients prepare for upcoming surgery by offering Prehab options for patients from 1x pre-op visit to evaluate and educate patients in exercises they can do to prepare for surgery on their own… to a structured program of visits to help them improve mobility and strength to their highest potential prior to surgery. This is often determined on the initial visit. It’s also kind of a “Try before you buy”.

Is Prehab covered by my insurance? Coverage for therapy services varies by company. If you are on Medicare and have a decline in function due to your deteriorating joint you most likely qualify for physical therapy prior to surgery. We recommend discussing this with your therapy clinic.

What makes Fremont Therapy & Wellness a therapy center of choice for joint replacements?
– Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist with 19+ years of experience in total joints
– Wide variety of exercise equipment for all levels
– Convenient and Handicap Parking
– Central Fremont Location – by Bakers on Bell St.
– Free transportation if needed
– Aquatic Therapy
– 7am – 6pm Hours
– Free WELLNESS Gym for current patients and reduced cost for previous patients

We are locally owned and INDEPENDENT from any healthcare facility or physician’s office and accept most insurances. If you have further questions, please stop in for a tour or call ask for a time to speak with the therapist at 402-512-3893.

Free Wellness Gym for current patients