See a specialist…

  • Fremont Therapy & Wellness is the only private Outpatient clinic in Fremont to offer not only general Occupational Therapy, but 2 OT’s that are specializing areas that are needed in the Fremont Area. Patients have a choice other than Methodist Hospital to receive these services in a more private area. Both individuals provide basic OT services to individuals that may need such as home assessments, daily activity assessment and adaptation, even cognitive assessments, but the majority of their caseload lies in their specialty area.
  • Both Individuals offer opportunities for FREE SCREENS which are 1:1 consults with the therapist to determine if therapy will help or if patients need to seek a physician specialist in that area.
  • Huong Le O.T. joined Fremont Therapy & Wellness in February and is specializing in Hand, Wrist & Elbow injuries and post-surgeries and has capabilities of building splints for patients if needed.
  • Ashley Sass O.T. joined Fremont Therapy & Wellness in 2018 and specializes in Pelvic Health. She has a private treatment room with a biofeedback unit that assists patient in pelvic floor training. She sees individuals from pediatrics with constipation and bedwetting issues, to post-baby pelvic floor and incontinence issues to aging adults issues.

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