Fremont Therapy & Wellness is only one of 2 Therapy clinics in Fremont to have a therapist that specializes in and is dedicated to therapy and rehabilitation of hand, wrist and elbow injuries. With a full-time therapist who has extra training and expertise in this area as well as a dedicated treatment area. Our clinic is capable of making custom splits needed for post-op care and special injuries. We see several work-related and sports related hand/wrist and elbow injuries. Huong Le OT, CPAM is our Clinic's dedicated Hand specialist. Call us for a FREE consult for your injury or chronic pain today. Examples of some patients include: Carpal Tunnel, Thumb joint replacement, Tennis Elbow, Tommy John's Surgery, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hand Osteoarthritis, Trigger Finger, Post-op surgeries. Call 402-512-3893 for questions or to schedule.

Fremont Hand Therapy