Ashley Sass O.T. CPM is a Pelvic Health Specialist at Fremont Therapy & Wellness. She has over 10 years as a therapist and 7+ years as a specialist in the area of Pelvic Health. Pelvic issues are very private issues and she treats patients 1:1 in a private treatment room dedicated to this area. She utilizes computerized Biofeedback system to assist patients with recognizing, strengthening and assessing muscles of the pelvic floor. Issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel issues, constipation, bed wetting, Diastasis Recti, post-baby issues, pain with intercourse can all be helped with Pelvic Therapy. Ashley offers free one on one 30 min consults to anyone interested in discussing their issues or answering questions about the pelvic floor. Many times issues are "common" but are not "normal". She discusses behavioral and habit issues, dietary issues, how other medical issues can relate to this. When you are seeking help and guidance in this area... seek a therapist dedicated to treating these issues. Seek Fremont Therapy & Wellness. Call us today for a Free private consult - 402-512-3893. Many times therapy is covered by insurance. For Medicare and Medicaid patients there is typically full coverage without any out of pocket costs.


Pelvic Therapy