Telehealth Physical Therapy

Fremont Therapy & Wellness Telehealth/Virtual Visit Information

  Fremont Therapy & Wellness offers Telehealth visits to ANYONE in the state of Nebraska in a variety of ways with patients to continue treatments. We want to allow our patients to continue with physical and occupational therapy in a safe manner from home. This is especially important for our Post-op patients, Parkinson's patients, and older seniors who are less active. We will help provide you with some of the equipment you will need to do therapy from home.

1. Most initial evals are done in the clinic. It can also be in a patient's home with a therapist that has already had COVID-19 but still wears protective gear for the safety of patient and therapist. If this cannot be done, if insurance allows, evaluation will fully be done via Telehealth.
2. Patients need need internet access with a camera from a computer or smart phone. (Our clinic uses: Zoom,, or FaceTime... whichever is easiest for the patients). Patients also need to sign a Telehealth Waiver which can be mailed to them.
3. Therapy sessions are typically shorter than regular sessions from 10-30 min in length.
4. Clinic will email or text a link at for the Telehealth consult and many times will call just before the login to remind patients as well as inform them of any equipment they will need.
5. During the visit the therapist may do a variety of things: ask about current conditions, make assessments of Range of motion, work on exercises, progress home exercise program.

To our elderly and high-risk patients who are unable to go out because of the current pandemic situation, please feel free to reach out to us for any of your physical therapy needs. We will try our best to help in the best way we can.**** For patients without video capabilities, please contact our clinic as we have some possible options available. 402-512-3893

Coverage information

 Insurance Coverage : At this point, Telehealth is covered by many insurances for PT/OT services due to the COVID-19 crisis.   We will need to do a verification prior to services.   Currently, there is coverage for Medicare, BCBS, UHC, Medicaid,& Cigna and other private providers but are working on this and will let individuals know.  If you are covered in any way we will bill insurance as able for patients we are currently treating.


We want our patients to have a way to connect with us during this time.    

Duration : No specific time limit. It can be as short as 10 mins or as long as 40 min. Private pay sessions are $50 for up to 30 min.

Cost:  If insurance covers this we will obtain insurance information. 

How to Request for a session?

Fill out the form by clicking HERE and indicate you would like Telehealth Therapy OR

  • Call 402-512-3893
  • We will connect with you to obtain information as well as provide you with appropriate forms needed.