Looking for PT/ OT/ Aquatic Therapy.Hand Therapy or Pelvic Therapy?

Fremont Therapy & Wellness is locally owned and operated and offers the best equipment & specialists in the area in 1 location. We have Post-Op Orthopedics, Sports Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy, Pelvic Therapy, Telehealth/Virtual Therapy and Post-Op Therapy. We offer 1:1 treatment with a therapist and specialized equipment such as a Water Treadmill and Alter G Treadmill to speed rehab.  Call for a FREE 1:1 consult today! - 402-512-3893!

Fremont Therapy & Wellness

Located in the middle of Fremont, NE on Bell Street by Baker’s Grocery and Green's Floral… Fremont Therapy & Wellness  opened August 2017 with 1 PT and has grown with 6 Therapists and several specialty focuses. We are the ONLY private clinic in Fremont to offer both PT & OT, offer Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy, Pelvic Therapy Telehealth/Virtual Therapy & have an Alter G Treadmill. Each of our therapists are focused on treating specialty areas.  


Aquatic Treadmill Fremont Nebraska
Alter G Treadmill
Fremont Therapy & Wellness
Physical Therapy and Fitness Equipment in Fremont, NE

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