Alter-G Antigravity Treadmill

Fremont Therapy & Wellness is the only clinic in Fremont to have the Alter G Treadmill. This is an Anti-Gravity Treadmill that helps patients with the ability to walk as slow as 5 mph and as fast as 15 mph from anywhere with 100% body weight down to 20% through positive air pressure technology. This new technology also has a force plate and video built in to allow therapists to monitor side-side weight bearing in gait and give visual feedback to patients to improve walking. This has been very beneficial for our returning athletes, athletes in training, after ankle and knee surgeries of any age and Parkinson’s patients. Since Dec 2019, it has been very valuable in the treatment and rehabilitation of multiple patients and injuries. It has been most effective for post-op lower extremity patients such as foot and ankle surgeries, total knee replacements, ACL repair, Hip scopes and a variety of others. In addition, it has been beneficial in assisting our older patients and Parkinson’s patients with general overall endurance and walking abilities.

If you think this may benefit you or a friend or family member call and discuss it with us at: 402-512-3893 or (402) 654-2121