Located by Baker's & Greens Floral on Bell St.

Our Mission

At Fremont Therapy & Wellness, our mission is simple.  Provide the highest level of specialized therapy and offer therapists the flexibility and resources to be the best in their area of choice.   We strive to provide the highest level of therapy services in the Fremont area with a strong commitment to customer service, satisfaction and patient outcomes.  Every aspect of our practice is guided by our values of integrity, respect, community relationships and a commitment to excellence.

"Keep Moving Forward"

Our motto "Keep Moving Forward", encompasses how we look at life.  Whether you are struggling with a athletic career ending injury, a traumatic car accident, total joint replacement, a progressive disease like Parkinsons, battling cancer or just plain stuck in pain.   We want to be there for you... to help you to Keep Moving Forward towards enjoying your life, your dreams, your goals... one day and one achievement at a time.

Our Team...

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