Aquatic Therapy at Fremont Therapy & Wellness is designed more for the lumbar and lower extremity issues and problems.   We have invested in a state of the art water treadmill that has several beneficial components for patients.  Aquatic therapy is covered by most insurance plans.  In addition, we offer cash based plans to schedule use our aquatic treadmill for more of a fitness based opportunity depending on availability. Aquatic Therapy Fremont Nebraska

  • Private 1:1 treatment 
  • Warm Water 93+ deg
  • New clean water exchange with each patient
  • 4min - Quick Fill and Drain times
  • Aquatic Treadmill that inclines
  • Treadmill speed up to 5.0 MPH
  • Therapy bench to work on sitting exercises and knee ROM
  • Adjustable water levels for all heights of patients and to adjust weight bearing levels
  • Room to perform lower extremity exercises with buoyancy and resistance of water
  • Jets to increase resistance against water
  • Multiple position handles for support and exercises
  • Ability to insert a step to work on step up and down activities with less weight bearing


Examples of diagnosis that would dramatically benefit from this aquatic environment and experienced skilled therapist to progress rehab:

  • Foot and ankle fractures beginning and progressing weight bearing
  • ACL reconstruction with initial walking and progressing into running and jumping phases
  • Youth with lower extremity fractures beginning back to walking and running
  • Patients with osteoarthritis of hips, knees or back
  • Patients with back pain
  • General fibromyalgia patients
  • Parkinson's patients with difficulty with walking
  • Post long run (1/2 marathon to marathon) recovery soreness