Lymphedema Therapy

Specialized Treatment for Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling

What is Lymphedema?  A swelling caused by trauma to or malfunction of the lymphatic system due to surgery, injury, infection, or cancer treatments

Signs and Symptoms: Swelling with a feeling of heaviness or tightness, decreased flexibility in affected area, tight clothes of jewelry. Lymphedema is a progressive condition that when treated quickly is more likely to be resolved and maintained.

Treatment with Complete Decongestive Therapy – Manual lymphatic drainage is a specialized massage that assists the lymphatic system in moving lymphatic fluid to intact node bed.

Compression Therapy –  With compression wrapping using multiple layers of compression wraps to decrease the size of the affected limb.  When compression wrapping is completed a patient will continue to wear compression at home. Skin cares and exercises are an important part of complete decongestive therapy which the patient will be taught while completing our lymphedema program.

Fremont Therapy and wellness offers a private treatment space, a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) with 4+ year of experience, as well as, extensive knowledge in fitting patient’s for compression garments, and use of pneumatic compression pumps to continue treatment at home.  Call 402-512-3893 or (402) 654-2121 today for a FREE 15 min consult.